Learning to Code Without a Computer

Developed by Brandon Tory, Staff Google A.I. Engineer, musician, and record producer who "Wants Kids To Know It's Cool To Be A Genius" - Forbes

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Little Hackers is an interactive experience that uses a workbook and Augmented Reality to introduce young readers aged 6+ to the foundational concepts of coding.  

Brandon Tory

My name is Brandon Tory and I'm the lead creator of Little Hackers. At my core I'm an artist, and like all artists, I live to create. I’m also a Staff Engineer at Google. Little Hackers is the perfect intersection of my passion as an artist with my affinity for technology. My team and I are dedicated to making it a unique learning experience for early readers that's engaging and can inspire them to use technology to solve problems they encounter in their everyday lives.


The Little Hackers are a self-named group of characters that use code to create fun solutions to everyday challenges. The story features two lead characters: Kai, a popular and shy six year old who's just switched schools after his move to Giga Bay, and Mia, the six year old tech Unicorn who founded the Little Hackers crew.

Young readers learn coding concepts by reading and writing directly into a workbook, helping the Little Hackers create fun solutions to everyday challenges. 

Coding Fundamentals

Learning to read code is different from learning to write it, and enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts. We're meeting young students where they are by not requiring a computer and teaching code through readability. This helps lower the barriers for kids to enter the world of STEM.  

Interactive and Fun

Little Hackers makes coding fun and cool by introducing Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality is a way to experience 3D content by pointing a mobile device at QR codes within the workbook. The biggest takeaway from our early product testing was how much kids loved interacting with the AR experiences at the end of each exercise.

Less Screen Time

Little Hackers allows kids as young as six to begin learning coding with 7X less screen time. By time gating the AR experiences we estimate around 19 minutes (or 15%) of screen time per two-hour book. That compares with two hours (or 100%) screen time per two hours using a completely digital platform.